Breaking Glass
Breaking Glass is a short documentary exploring groundbreaking New York glass artists Deborah Czeresko, Grace Whiteside, and Tomoko Amaki Abe.
Jessica Levin (Director/Producer)
Alexander Krause (Director/Producer)
Leo Gallagher (Director of Photography)

Respire at A.I.R Gallery
Interview at A.I.R Gallery 2021

Animal Humans and Plastic bags at Jay street, Brooklyn
Blown glass cast from Plastic bags, Boar's hair, feathers

Animals Humans and Plastic Bags at Sukodo, Japan
Installation at Sukodo Japan 2022
Blown glass cast from plastic bags, Boar's hair, feathers

Collaborative project at Jay street 2022
Video projection on glass sculpture- Tomoko Abe
Assemblage using cardboard, plastic sheet, vellum, found paper, pegs and rope - Erica Stoller

Rocks and Rays (Still) at A.I.R. Gallery 2022
My interest in the concept of transience and permanence led me to the vision of rays going through a rock, with a temporal cut in the weight of eternity.
As part of my residency at UrbanGlass, I casted some rocks I found on the shore and blew glass into them to create transparent glass rocks.
This is the second installation using these glass rocks. This time instead of using a light projection, I inserted various strings through the rocks resembling rays that cross each other creating shadows on a wall.

Boars Hair and Plastic bag
Lunar show at Mainline Art Center, PA, 2022

Silver Lining - Plastic Bag, Six Pack Holders
Installation from "Respire" at A.I.R gallery 2020
Glass, film projection, wool, porcelain
Videography by Renana Neuman
Music by Yuika Abe

Beneath the Rain
Porcelain, Abaca paper, Video projection 2011
Videography: Andrew Fagan